Quotes and more Quotes

  • It went from an LED, to a DEF – a Dark-Emitting Fryode
  • “Hey laser lips, your momma was a snow blower” – Johnny 5, Short Circuit
  • Today I learnt Its not smart to finger usb ports!(/Trump)
  • So do death Daleks say E-LEC-TRI-CUTE!! instead of EX-TER-MINATE!
  • “Fresh, juicy, lead-based solder.”
  • Wooden burning stove would not last past first fire
  • “I ran my helmet under cold water straight away but I’m still in agony and can barely walk. It’s covered in blisters. I may never be able to have sex with a pasty again.”
  • Do not look into laser with remaining eye
  • you ever try to put a thong on a mouse?
  • “There I was, resting in my hotel room. Tearing apart the light fixtures, as one does…”
  • “vomit is not a approved lubricant!”
  • “Electricity is extremely dangerous. You have to be familiar with two things… Electric shock and electricity bill. Electricity bill is the worse one.”
  • “Hey Trump: being Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not ‘America First’”
  • “its got that magic smoke smell”
  • It’s a known fact that undocumented immigrants commit crimes in less considerable rate than Donald trump campaign staff…
  • Remember, you are the Bonny and Clyde of your fries full of cyanide.
  • ‘Christian Education’

    (see: ‘superstition’)

  • “I think I met Roger Stone once or twice. Nice kid. Used to bring us covfefe and hamberders.” – Trump, probably
  • “The ‘Art of the Deal’ was a phrase that came out of my mouth 30 years ago as a way for Trump to write an autobiography he didn’t have,” the book’s co-author Tony Schwartz admitted. “It was a fake marketing idea, not a reality. I regret it every day of my life.”
  • the Talking yam has told more lies than the amount of attendees for his inauguration.
  • “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    ~Theodore Roosevelt

  • “I think I met Micheal Cohen once or twice. Nice kid. Used to bring us covfefe and hamberders.” – Trump, probably
  • Donald Trump – Extreme Narcisssistic Sociopath
  • Perfect Trump re-election slogan: ‘I Don’t Keep Any Promises But My Voters Are Too Stupid to Notice’

  • ”corrupted”—-aides in jail, secret biz meetings with Russians, selling access through Chinese pimps, signing covers of bibles by a guy who says he loves greed and eats 5 Big Macs in one lunch mmmkay
  • Whether it’s in the U.S., New Zealand, or Australia, its staggering how clueless these anti-immigrant extremists are. You hate immigration, give your land back to the indigenous peoples and move your butts to Europe.
  • Actually, the electoral college was put in place to keep the wealthy landowners in power. It was the hat tip to the aristocracy and those who had means and plenty of land.
  • on trump watching snl reruns – I’m convinced that he knows when it’s about him because Melania and Baron are in the other room, laughing their butts off.
  • heh the power factor of a hot dog is 1.0.. not surprising considering the dog is restive
  • Any time you hear Libertarians say we need the Electoral College as a counterbalance to urban cities or California, that really translates to “We need White votes to count more than POC votes.”
  • “If you’re innocent, why are you pleading the fifth?” -Donald Trump in 2016
  • Tired of having a criminal in the White House? Decent people are fleeing the Republican Party. #Rexit
  • you have #HDS Hillary Derangement Syndrome
  • Trump on Special Olympics Budget- “I didn’t care until I saw the backlash.”
  • “No President has ever lied as bigly as me.” – Donald Trump
  • Facts have a well-known left-leaning bias. Exactly as does science and knowledge. Sleeping with your cousin has a right leaning bias but we might need to fact check my claim
  • If you love Fiction, you’ll LOVE Fox News!!!
  • we need to airdrop all the xtain taliban into iran, same rules, different clothes
  • QAnon make flat earthers look rational and intelligent
  • “I don’t do cover ups,” Trump responded during his remarks. Let’s see now – think Stormy Daniels, think tax returns, think Russian interference, the list is endless.

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